15 Min Consultation

Initial consultation to discuss treatment options and determine how Physical Therapy services may serve your needs.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

The initial evaluation is a head to toe assessment of posture, alignment, functional movement, and range of motion. Strengths and deficits will be identified along with a comprehensive treatment plan of services which may achieve functional goals. Also included is a 2 week free membership to FIT Grand Junction.


Functional Dry Needling (FDN) is effective for treating muscle pain, tendinitis, headaches and migraines, cervicogenic headaches, muscle spasms w/ back pain, and poor muscle activation. It is a technique by which the clinician uses a small filament needle to activate a muscle which causes an involuntary contraction and produces changes in the tissue. Musculoskeletal pain is often caused by hypertonic muscles which are mediated by a heightened nervous system, often called trigger points or referred pain. Dry needling has gained the attention by the medical community as an effective pain reliever and is now being used in Emergency Rooms prior to the prescription of opioids. Dry needling is only scheduled after an initial evaluation.

Follow Up Treatment

After impairments are identified in the initial PT evaluation, the plan of care will involve manual therapy, dry needling, neurologic training, and/or exercise. The followup appointments work within this plan to achieve goals and optimize your function whether returning to work, caring for loved ones, or competing in high level sports.

Return to Sport Evaluation

Many people jump back into sport too soon after an injury. Sports require the ability to move powerfully within full range of motion. We have specific tests which are valid measures for fitness, strength, agility, and coordination that all athletes should perform before returning to their sport post injury. This evaluation will be appropriate for athletes of all ages, adolescents and up.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the "bread and butter" of Physical Therapy. Patients cannot expect drastic improvement in their condition w/out manual therapy which addresses joint motion and mechanics. Conditions which benefit from manual therapy include spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement syndrome, stiffness in the ankle and knee, and post op orthopedic conditions. Manual Therapy includes highly skilled, hands-on techniques which apply knowledge of anatomy and physiology in order to improve tissue and joint mobility, blood flow and circulation, and pain relief. Joints become restricted and tend to move in repetitive patterns and may require restoration of physiologic motion to decrease stiffness, improve biomechanics, and prevent unnecessary joint degeneration leading to early arthritis.

Wheelchair Posture & Positioning

Dr. Meredith is a Certified Seating and Positioning Specialist with Ride Designs and can evaluate and provide recommendations for optimal sitting posture in both power and manual wheelchairs. Posture and positioning assessments will include an evaluation of mobility, strength, as well as wheelchair setup.

Bike Fit

Bikes are a highly efficient machine. Is YOUR engine positioned on your machine correctly?Dr. Bremner is a nationally accomplished race cyclist and uses her race experience with USA Cycling and her expert knowledge of movement for posture, seating and positioning. This expertise will provide the most optimal positioning on your bike whether you are a recreational rider or an elite level cyclist.

Nutrition Coaching

Understand the Basics of Nutrition and Healthy Eating.  In this 1 hour course, Dr. Meredith will outline the basics of the science of Nutrition and help give you the tools for making healthy decisions when eating at home, pre/post workouts, restaurants, and parties. Her approach is simple to understand and simple to execute. It just takes dedication, time, and focus - like all other things that are meaningful in life. Up to 5 individuals can attend appointment at and split the $120 cost. Each additional individual will be charged $20 per person. SO get a group together and come joint the conversation.


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