I cannot recommend Dr. Meredith enough! I’ve had chronic health challenges for years now and had the pleasure to work with Meredith for about a year and a half. Her experience and expertise is unmatched! Her ability to work with complex situations is greatly appreciated! And as an athlete her breadth of knowledge and excitement about movement is huge. The progress Meredith has helped me make is undeniable. And more than that, she is truly a delight to work with! Whether you’ve tried physical therapy before, or you’ve never been and think you don’t have a reason to go, I HIGHLY recommend you go see Meredith!


"I am fused from my neck to my tailbone. I have had several revisions of failed surgeries and started seeing Meredith about 6 months ago. My main goal was to get off of pain meds. I owe so much to her for helping me stay positive through rehab and for giving me the right kind of exercises. She performed dry needling on my back and that really seemed to help me with the pain. Not only did I get better, I had a lot of fun since Meredith is a caring and genuine person who was very patient with me. I am off of pain meds and feel better than I could imagine as an 84 year old."


"Dr. Meredith is so good at identifying the problem and addressing it. I brought my daughter, Emily, to her and she recognized how Emily's knee pain was from her flat feet. She worked with Emily to strengthen and spent a lot of time explaining so that my 12 year old would understand the importance of exercise. I would recommend seeing Meredith for many reasons and we will always be grateful for her time." 


"I want to share my own personal experiences with Dry Needling and Physical Therapy. In December of last year, I saw my doctor for low back pain. He referred me to Physical Therapist, Dr. Meredith Bremner. At the time, I was rather upset because I didn't think therapy would help. On my first day of treatment, a simple warm up had me in tears and I could hardly walk around the gym. During that time, Dr. Meredith explained Dry Needling and how she thought it could relieve some of my pain. I was skeptical, but the pain was so great, I was going to try anything.  When the Dry Needling session was over, I was able to get up and walk out, still in pain, but nothing compared to before the session. 

Dry Needling is part of my therapy today. After only a couple of months of treatment with Dry Needling, exercise and hands' on techniques, I am now able to get out of bed without pain, walk on a daily basis, attend soccer games without pain and drive across the state to see my family. These are all simple tasks I was not able to do before Dry Needling.  It really has changed my life; I can even say, it has saved my life. I wouldn't be where I am or the person I am today without this. I honestly do not think exercise alone would have helped, but exercise with the Dry Needling, helped get me back to where I was before my injury. I am so thankful for Dr. Meredith and introducing me to Dry Needling."


"I had low back pain for years and had seen chiropractors off and on and nothing worked.  I thought I would try Physical Therapy, but was skeptical.  Dr. Meredith listened to my background and began to treat my back in a different way which included gentle movement and dry needling.  I was ready to give up basketball and playing sports, but she convinced me that I could return to sport if I started strengthening properly. I began to think of my back as strong, instead of broken.  After two months, I was coaching my kids basketball team and playing pickup games with my friends.  I now have a strategy on how to take care of my back."


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